About Us

A complete research company




Innovare has gained market recognition for its excellence in undertaking complex and insightful research, with a vast spectrum of feasibility and geographical coverage (>80,000 questionnaires throughout Latin America every year).

Gathering together professionals with over 30 years of market experience and young talent with solid scientific backgrounds (such as MScs and PhDs from leading global institutions), we are a forward thinking group of 42 researchers and hundreds of trained interviewers.

We specialize in interdisciplinary projects involving large organizations and multinationals from various market sectors, including Energy/Utilities, Health, Education, Consultancy, Telecoms/IT and Environment & Ecology, offering up to date customized research solutions and services.

We understand the importance of nurturing a positive and productive relationship with our clients, which is the reason we cultivate a friendly work environment and comply with high ethical and professional standards, including a fair pay policy.

Since our foundation in 2008, and following a growth rate of 20% ever since, Innovare is a synonym for high quality and passionate work, allowing our clients to experience a level of satisfaction which is hard to beat.


    To offer reliable, customized and insightful research solutions that contribute to strategic decision-making.


    To lead the research market in quality and efficiency.


    Innovation, trustworthiness, commitment and integrity.


We believe firmly in the benefits of multi- and inter-disciplinarity. Accordingly, our team includes experienced professionals from various scientific backgrounds, such as Economics, Social Sciences, Statistics, Psychology, Marketing, IT, Law, Business and Administration. Working proactively and dynamically with our clients, we are ready to use our wide range of expertise to provide the best possible answer to your research problem.


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