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  • “Their knowledge of the energy market and their ability to combine research techniques with the needs of their clients results in the unique partnership skill of the Innovare team. Therefore, the quality of the product becomes a natural consequence of this synergy.”

    Jorge Luiz Elian – Competitive Analysis and Marketing Manager – CEMIG

  • “If I could define Innovare in a couple of words, they would be: partnership and ability. It is an organization that gives you much more than results. They have all the required infrastructure as well as qualified professionals committed to transforming data into solutions. Their customer service is always available and focused on presenting us with the best research solution to help us reach our goals. Their statistics team presents us with functional models that explain important correlations for our action planning. In addition, their analysis team brings up diagnoses and solutions that contribute greatly to our decision-making. I trust Innovare fully and recommend them to all of my partners!”

    Ederson Souto – Competitive Intelligence at AES Eletropaulo

  • “Our partnership with Innovare has guaranteed us not only quality but also a relationship based on trust and credibility. Thank you for making possible this exchange of experiences and knowledge”.

    Alessandra de Paula Gouvea – Market manager at Energisa

  • “The work that Innovare develops really helps us understand what customers are thinking about tour organization. In doing so, we can assertively work on improvement. Having this view is essential since the efforts of the entire organization are directed to the client’s satisfaction.”

    Carlos Hubert C. Oliveira – Communication and Marketing manager at CEMAR

  • “The credibility and ability of Innovare, added to their experience in the research field, have been essential for many projects developed by companies in the electricity sector when it comes to consumers’ perception. The search for quality and trustworthiness of results was a deciding factor in beginning the partnership between AES Sul and Innovare, and is also the reason we have maintained such a relationship with one of our best partners. For us at AES Sul, it will always be gratifying to work on projects with their team”.

    Jane Cristina Tende - AES Sul

  • “I understand partnership as the union of people on behalf of a common goal, and that through mutual agreement they help each other to reach an expected result.

    When, through partnership, we aim for the same goal, the resulting energy makes us stronger at aiming for success. Partnership means respect, acceptance, understanding and mutual help, considering the differences that can bring out the best in us.

    Partnership is what I have found in those who are part of Innovare’s team: a 15-year-old successful partnership, with a lot of respect and professionalism”.

    Leny Medeiros, ABRADEE

  • “When Innovare develops research projects for our company they always stand out, due to their level of involvement with the subject. Their flexibility in offering solutions, together with a high level of innovation and their assertiveness in analysis are also highlights.”

    Léa Mota, Banco do Brasil

  • “Innovare’s experience and credibility have been essential for the success of our projects involving consumers’ perception in the electricity sector.

    Their ability to understand the goals of the project in strategy, planning and availability to execute the work have always, in the best way, led us to high-quality results. Innovare’s commitment has qualified our relationship as a true partnership.”

    Lara Schibelsky Godoy Piccolo and Luiz Hernandez, CPqD

  • “The customer satisfaction studies undertaken with the City Halls from 2009-2012 became a mark of the relationship between the public power and its clients. It has demonstrated growing results that are part of a history of satisfaction with the City Halls, whicht are located in CEMIG’s concession area.”

    Conceição Dilene Batista Cavalcanti, Cemig