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For each conclusion we present to our clients there is a big effort to understand the complex manifestations of human nature. Each graph is composed by tens, hundreds or thousands of opinions. The object of our work is the group formed by the diversities and similarities between these opinions, what turns the research work so fascinating.

We are interviewers, analysts and specialists ready to understand the world we live in, crossing these two very important elements: data and opinion as well as beliefs, values, attitudes, ideologies, shopping and voting behavior and any other human expression that can be measured or observed.

We talk and work together with our customers in order to understand their needs and goals so that we can find the most appropriate and efficient approach to guarantee a successful research. Other than providing precise answers to our clients, we assist them while interpreting and using the information what contributes for the creation of action plans and definition of strategies.

We gather the necessary know-how to put into practice the most diverse works on opinion and market research with commitment and availability.

The data entrusted to us by our clients is protected and assured to be treated as strictly confidential. We also protect the personal information about our studies participants.

The ethical standards and guidelines for confidentiality that we follow are regulated by ABEP (Brazilian Association of Research Companys) and ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Market Research).


    To structure reliable and customized solutions on research, contributing for strategically made decisions of our clients.


    To be a reference in researching services quality.


    Trustworthiness, commitment, availability, integrity and good working relationship.


We believe in the benefits of multidisciplinarity. Our team of qualified professionals searches and analyzes the information you need. That’s why our professionals have experience to share insights and solutions.

We have a multidisciplinary team that includes professionals from the Economic and Social Sciences, Statistics, Psychology, Social Communication and Marketing, Programming and Administration, which consolidates a team of experts ready to serve you and your company.


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